Deva Access Projects

Deva International’s projects are aimed at serving the poor and the general public. The projects are specific in nature and are designed to tackle some of the intractable problems confronting the poor, rural communities, children, women, and the underprivileged.

Through these projects, Deva aims to positively and in practical ways affect the lives of the less privileged among us. Besides, the projects give Deva and the staff the everyday and firsthand practical experience necessary and needed for them to efficiently execute the activities of the organization, as itemized above.

The current projects are nine in number, namely:

1.           Financial Inclusion and Mobile Banking Agency: Finclude is our financial inclusion and mobile banking agency scheme. Under Finclude we partner with banks, mobile money companies, and others to deploy POS terminals in rural areas and empower individuals to take up mobile banking as a business.

2.           Deva Empowerment Initiative The Deva Empowerment Initiative is involved in:

                 a.    Microlending with a special focus on women, groups, and village or community associations.

                 b.   Microsavings  

3.            Deva Energy Project The Deva energy project works to tackle some of the intractable problems facing our people. These have to do with poor and expensive electricity supply, high cost of household cooking, deforestation and the unhealthy effects of traditional firewood style cooking. Our solution is via:

                a.   Solar Light project

                b.   Biomass briquette project for the rural areas and microclients)

4.            Aqua Africa project The DevA project is working to help rural people have access to:

                a.    Good and portable drinking water and

                b.   Water for agricultural use

5.        Food Africa project The Deva project is working with agricultural and rural communities to:

              a.    increase food production through the application of inexpensive and viable modern means of agriculture

              b.   Avail farmers agricultural inputs

              c.   Create and sustain viable value chains.

              d.   Enable access to markets

              e.   Improve the welfare of farmers through health counseling and capacity building.

6.        Job Africa project

              Through the job project, Deva attempts to help young men and women become self-employed through skill acquisition, training, awareness, etc.

7.        Microfinance works (microfinance advocacy)

              This we do through seminars, conferences, news releases and liaison with stakeholders, NGOs and other organizations involved in microfinance

8.       Micropurse.

Through the micropurse, Deva aims to raise funds from public-spirited individuals, philanthropists, donors, governments, and international organizations for microfinance activities, either by Deva or other anti-poverty and microfinance institutions.

9      Family Support

         Our family support programs aim to make a life-changing gift to a microclient or peasant so that they can improve their situation. These gifts can be in the form of:

         a. Donations, either in cash or in kind, such as clothing, farming implements, etc.

b. life-changing gifts, such as life stock in the form of chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, etc., that the poor can put to use to make an income and livelihood.

Get Involved. Please contact us to assist in any one of the above ways.