Capacity Building

Deva Access Capacity Building Products

1. TeachMe Program

Poverty elimination calls for concerted efforts in all areas and, most importantly, in capacity building. Most of our people fail to appreciate available opportunities to improve their personal and family lives. Most also turn to age-old traditions and methods that serve only to keep them perpetually in the clutches of poverty. They need and must break free from this for society to move on.

Just imagine: why are the vast majority of Nigerians poor in the midst of plenty, in the midst of a bounty of food and cash crops and the greatest conurbation of markets in the Black and African World? Why are people jobless and unemployed in the face of a multiplicity of unperformed economic and income-generating tasks? Why are people saying “no help” when NGO’s and Donor agencies keep pouring millions of money in for development? Why do our people earn money and make little or no savings? Why do government efforts at poverty alleviation achieve very little? Why do people still suffer from preventable health problems?

Most people would simply answer poverty. But the real culprit, as identified in the MDG and acquiesced to by the CBN, is lack of awareness and enabling capacity among our people.

Our TeachMe capacity-building program is aimed at fighting the above issues and helping our people appreciate and access available opportunities, improve business and personal practices, and embrace steps that lead to a better standard of living and life.

2. Oak Project

The Oak Project is our fund management scheme in which Deva manages a poverty alleviation scheme, fund, or program for and on behalf of a Donor / Philanthropist / Organization/ according to specific criteria set and agreed upon with the fund provider.

3. Project BECOME

Become a blessing and put a smile on someone’s face

Deva’s “Project BECOME” is an awareness and public participation event held within communities with charitable organizations, other NGOs, and interested stakeholders. The essences are:

  1. to draw attention to the ills of poverty and to the various ways that all can get involved and participate in the global fight against poverty and lack of access to opportunities;
  2. to the various ways that all in the family can contribute to their own economic advancement;
  3. to income-wasting lifestyles;
  4. to some simple economic activities that can enhance their living standards;
  5. to healthy lifestyles;
  6. to nutritional ways.
  7. To opportunities

Project BECOME takes various forms, including seminars, workshops, exhibitions, talkshops, conferences, enlightenment, and street events.