Micro Lease

Deva Access Micro Lease Schemes


Renta is designed to help the active poor avail themselves of the purchase, ownership, and use of productive and income-earning assets, equipment, and modern technology while making payments over a period of months. Most of our people cannot afford enough money to make outright payments for solar lamps, solar cookers, biomass stoves, etc. due to their economic situation. Through Renta, they acquire these tools and equipment while making gradual payments for them over time, between 3 and 24 months. Renta is also available for those, in particular youths, who pass through our skill trainings and wish to establish a microbusiness, such as in the areas of agricultural products processing, biomass briquettes, solar works, tailoring, barbing, hair dressing, tailoring, plumbing, painting, mobile money agency operations, vulcanizing, mobile phone repair, snail and grasscutter and rabbit breeding, tricycles (Keke), and motorcycles (Okada).